Dreadlocks and Hair Styling in Portland Oregon

Marsha JacksonMarsha Jackson is a South African residing in Portland, Oregon who works with and specializes in curly hair and dreadlocks and is dedicated to redefining our perceptions of ‘dreadlocks’ and other unique hairstyles.  Marsha specializes in working with curly hair and creating unique looks, including dreadlocks, aiming for a style that can be worn in an office environment or after hours at the club. Curly-haired herself, she has spent the last decade working with her clients to create perfect styles that are easy to manage and sure to turn heads.

Based in the City of Roses, Marsha’s dedicated customers travel from Vancouver, Eugene, Salem, and Bend for her signature cuts, styles, creations, and upkeep.  If you are looking for ‘a little something different’, let Marsha show you why her customers keep coming back.

Attention to detail sets Marsha apart. Considered to be one of the best dreadlock stylists, a decade of experience and innovation come together to provide her clients with an expressive style that can be functional as well as funky. Expression is important, and there are many ways we express ourselves. The way you wear your hair says a lot about you. Jackson knows this, and strives to provide every customer with a look they can be proud of.