Natural Hair and Scalp Maintenance Tips

Step One

Always start off by washing your hair with a non residue building shampoo. I know that for long dreadlocks you can easily use a bottle of shampoo in one wash. A more cost-effective way, if you need that lather, would be castle soap. It’s pure soap and doesn’t have any “crap” in it. There are also bar soaps and shampoos by Knotty Boy that work great.

Work on your scalp by massaging it with your finger tips not your nails. Let the water and lather run down the hair to the ends.


A apple cider vinegar rinse get rid of dirt and debris just as good as shampoo and is very cleansing,

  • Combine 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water and an applicator bottle,
  • Saturate the hair, let sit for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.
  • Now, I know you don’t want to smell like vinegar,so  you can then shampoo with a tea tree shampoo or spray it down with a conditioning spray or the “salt water” mix.

Step Two

Then towel dry your hair to the point of not dripping. You can apply 100% coconut oil and/or Shea butter straight to the scalp and then apply to the dreadlocks in sections to make sure all the hair is covered. Don’t use too much, just enough to keep the dryness and brittleness away and not too much to create build up.

You can make a similar mixture of all the good stuff and apply that to your hair. Here is an example of such a mixture; you can tweak it however you want:

Nunu Dreadlock Butter

100% raw Shea Butter

100% coconut oil

Castor oil or  honey (I prefer the honey)

Jojoba oil or Almond or Apricot oil

Drops of tea tree essential oil (or your preference)


Melt the shea and coconut oil slowly on a stove top (over steam) or at 10-second increments in the microwave and mix well. Then add the rest and mix well. Let it cool down a bit. Apply to the scalp and shimmy it into your dreadlocks in sections. Once again, a little goes a long way

All these ingredients are nourishing to your hair. The mixture melts when heated so it shouldn’t cause much build up, if any. Remember: start off with a little first and then adjust to your needs. You can use this butter after your shampoo and/or maintenance routine or whenever you feel you too dry for comfort.

Step Three

Let your hair dry as normal and remember to use a protective covering at night when sleeping or use a satin or silk pillow case.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

7 Steps For Reliable Dreadlock Styling In Portland


One of the freshest, modern ways of making your hair fashionable is through intricate styling. Enter Nunu Dreadlocks in Portland. Styled dreadlocks are actually entwined coils of hair that are intentionally formed through the aid of hair experts and stylists.  Different methods can be used on different hair textures. These include such techniques as ‘back combing’ (a way of combing hair from scalp to tip causing the hair to be tangled), crocheting, comb coil twists, and the classic, palm rolling.  It can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours depending on your desired end result.  The method used, length of hair, dreadlock thickness/diameter, and hair texture all factor into how long the process will take.  The question is, how do you get the best, most functional dreadlocks and how much will it cost? There are the common concerns people have when contemplating dreadlocks. Here are some guidelines which will help.

In opting for salons which offer specialized services such as styling dreadlocks, you must consider the following:

1. Your chosen salon should have a reliable website with the following details: phone number and customer support. These are needed to provide easy communication.

2. Dreadlock-specific services should be emphasized: frizz control, dread separation and root work, tip rounding and dread lock extensions. These are the things that you should look for because your dreadlocks will require upkeep to look their best.

3. Different styles of dreadlocks like a lock-hawk, nutty twist, and dread brunches should be introduced. In addition to this, unique fashion tips related to dreadlocks should also be included. In actuality, you can put designs on your entwined hair. Clips and accessories, straps, ribbons, and barrettes are the best additions to provide a fashionable look.

4. Maintenance is a must. Your chosen salon should educate you about some basic problems in maintaining your locks and the best solutions for them. The most common problem is frizziness. You cannot avoid it; you can, however, go to your salon for your 3 month maintenance and they will fix it. But in the meantime, you need to control it as recommended. You should not use any conditioning agents because it can loosen your dreadlocks. Tightness is another visible problem. A dread can loosen when exposed to water and, as a remedy, you should dry it using a hair dryer and very carefully with a towel.

5. Your salon should have products specifically designed for dread maintenance (like special shampoos).

6. The price should be right. Every high quality hair procedure is accompanied by a price, but you need to understand that this type of hair styling takes 4-6 hours. Experts will use some different methods in order to produce entwined hair.

7. “Highly recommended.” You should go to the best dreadlock stylist in Portland, Oregon. Someone who is highly recommended by their previous customers. You can ask your relatives and friends about this, or you can browse the internet about different sites with dreadlock services.

Choosing the best and most reliable salon to provide dreadlock services is not difficult. Follow these tips before selecting and you will be satisfied with the results.