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I started this blog because I wanted to talk about hair and all things natural beauty. I’m a Stylist/ cosmetologist and I want to talk about hair in its natural state and help you embrace what you have naturally. Enhance what you have and wear it with pride.

I’m talking about my curly peeps, out there, my beautiful kinks, my dreadlock kings and queens, divas, gentle man and my fierce woman. We all get to the point where we are tired of fighting the curl, the naps, the kinks and want to give in and say cut it, relax it, shave it…”, “Just give something new”.

I believe I can do that, give you something new. whether its a new cut, style, color, but I am going to pursue every possible angle without having to put harsh chemicals on you head or skin.

Let me help you embrace yourself, embrace the curl, embrace the kinks and stop fighting it and in return you will love your hair just the way it is , naturally.

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